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GIGO is a nice buzzword. It has nothing to do with Gigabyte… maybe if we look at the big picture, it does! GIGO means “Garbage In Garbage Out” and comes from IT (Information Technology). A friend of mine used it recently, as we had a discussion about “Is IT the poison for TPS?” on LinkedIn. If you would like to join our discussion, here is the link: IT is the poison to TPS. What is your view about this statement Why do you think so.

But what is this GIGO? Some of you might think it could be similar to FIFO = First in – First out
No, GIGO is different. The buzzword GIGO is mainly used as a humorous phrase in IT to define data that were put in in a wrong way and obvioulsy the output is a complete mess! Just think about a sales representative not remembering well the Zip-Code of his Customer and just putting in “Garbage” or even nothing. Next time he is going to meet the CIO for shure he will receive a nice and warm welcome! You can use Poka Yoke to prevent GIGO, but sometimes it is difficult.

I had a similar experience to the one mentioned above. The problem was that in Hungary there are 4 digits for the Zip-code like 1234, in Italy the Zip is composed of 5 digits like 12345. So the company could not force an input of at least 5 digits. When a sales representative inItaly put in only 4 digits the outcome was GIGO. Bad Data resulting with an error in the program! So what was the solution for that?

You (should) know in which country your sales representative is working, so when opening a new customer, first to do is to insert the correct Country Code. If the Country Code is IT (Italy), you force the people to insert a 5 digit number. Otherwise the order can not be send! If the Country Code is HU (Hungary), the first digit is a fixed “0″. This worked perfectly and was a very easy solution to prevent GIGO. You might ask: “What if the sales representative enters the wrong Country Code?” My answer: “Common sense!” If your employee is working in only THAT country, you can preset the CC, otherwise the only thing we can rely on is common sense!

If you got a solution, let me know!
Have a great day! Team Arashi

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