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Team Arashi proudly announces the opening of the new section “Lean People”
Here you will find Testimonials, Interviews, Reviews and new Tools regarding the World of Lean.

PQI – let’s make your ideas & improvements happen

We start with PQI, a simple activity to support people to come out with their own small improvement  ideas in the field of quality and production! Team Arashi would like to thank Jozef Maudry, currently Product Line Manager P&R (IEC) at Cooper Crouse-Hinds for sharing it with all of you! We have prepared a PDF-Document that you can download and distribute free. If you would like to use some text or photos, please contact Team Arashi or the Author Jozef Maudry, as all the content is copyrighted.

Arashi Innovation – PQI by Jozef Maudry